Games we like:

Oblivion is a 1st person RPG action game. The oblivion booklet that came with the game said: Live another life in another world. It's the prequal to Skyrim and different in very few aspects. Required for Skyblivion.

Oblivion PC version

Skyrim is one of the most well known games ever. It's the next game in the elder scrolls series from Oblivion and is generally speaking a better game with updated graphics and dual wielding spells. Story isn't. Also required for Skyblivion.

Skyrim PC Version

Xenonaughts PC version

Magicka and Magicka 2 are platformer 4 person co-op games. You play as 4 wizards with elements as spells. You combine elements like fire and lightning to make stronger spells. Absolutly funny and a blast with friends. The second game has much better controller support.

Magicka 2 PC version

The Jackbox party pack is a bunch of games you play with up to 8 people using your cellphones. Absolutly perfect for a funny gathering of freinds and almost everyone has a cellphone to use as a controller. It's great! No cellphone service required. Just internet.

Jackbox Party Pack Trilogy PC version

One of the Greatest Games EVER!! 4x game in which you build a civilization and win by one of the 5 victory conditions. Domination, Science, Polotics, Culture, and score. Will you destroy every other nation or make peace and be declared world leader? Will you take off into space or impress everyone with your cities so much that everyone joins you?

Civ 5 complete PC version

The game that takes place after Civ 5. It's another 4x game that takes place in outer space on alien planets. We like this one much more than Civ 5 because of it's futuristic like tech and better tech tree.

Civ Beyond Earth PC version

Dot hack G.u. Last Recode is a RPG anime game. It was released on PS2 first as a 4 part series which included a DVD in each game. The G.U.series takes place years after the first four games and has you trying to save a girl who fell into a coma from playing the game The World. Originaly it only had 3 games. This edition contains a brand new forth game.

.Hack G.U. Last Recode PC version

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