Some apps for you phone, PDF files, and computer programs that come in handy.

PDF files:

The ARMYs survival guide. Very handy. I keep it on my phone.

Army survival manual

First Aid guide from the Military. Also very handy to keep on your phone.

Military First Aid

Android apps:

Third Blade is a side scroll action rpg. It requires no money or waiting to play. Not available on the play store anymore.

Third blade

Manga heroes is an mmo you collect characters from all over the manga universe, make a team, and challenge different things. Has dailys.

Allstar Manga Heroes

Juice is a SSH client for managing your linux server off the phone. Real easy to use and free.

Juice Client

A really handy FTP clent for the phone. Easy to use and set up. Let's you manage your server like winSCP.

Turbo FTP Client

Windows Programs:

Sumatra PDF is a PDF viewer you can get for free.

SumatraPDF 64 bit
SumatraPDF 32 bit

VLC media player is a media player like windows media player but it can play pretty much everything. Its used by millions.

VLC media player 32 bit
VLC Media player 64 bit

Mudlet client is a client you can use to connect to the Mibu Mush game from your desktop. Instead of threw the site.

Mudlet client for windows. V-3.0.0

Bit Defender antivirus.

bitdefender antivirus

Hirens Boot CD. This is an ISO of the CD. It has a whole bunch of tools and stuff handy to have around.

Hirens Boot CD 15.2 ISO

A USB boot installer. This thing has nearly everything you'd want to put on a USB Flash Drive to boot from. Thing's like Operating systems to tools and utilities.

Universal USB Installer

Open vpn is used for virtual private network's.

openvpn install 2.4.1